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Beba Cosmetic

About Us


Beba Cosmetic

is a company dealing cosmetic products. Estabilished in April 1993 in the spirit and soul of a family enterprise it continues and grows nowdays the same.

Today Beba produce more than 50 different items based on natural extracts of medicinal plants. Beba Cosmetic’ products are well-known for their quality and competitiveness in the Albanian market and in the region.

Beba Cosmetic is certified with quality certificates: :

  • NR 953 UNI-EN-ISO-9001: 2000
  • NR 1260/10 UNI-EN-ISO-9001: 2008

Beba Cosmetic

The leading company in Albania for the production of hygienic cosmetic products.


Our products are based on natural herbal extracts.


We are committed to the production of cosmetic for personal care.


Our products are known for their high quality and their competitiveness.


Our products cover 80% of the requirements of customers in Albania.

Production of cosmetic products

Since 1993 Beba Cosmetic produces cosmetic hygiene articles based on natural plants.  Raw materials taken from the most prestigious European firms.  All carried out under a strict quality control for the storage of “Beba Cosmetic” products.

Fresh Types
Oceanic Types

Our team

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Mika Boosters
Product Manager
Huanita Concha
Service Manager
Pier Goodman
Chief Manager
Ellen Johnson
Office Head
Beba Cosmetic

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